About Us

Property Edge is owned, built, updated and managed by Land Services SA from our offices at 101 Grenfell Street, Adelaide.

Who we are

Here at Land Services SA, we deliver all of South Australia's property transaction and key valuation services on behalf of the South Australian State Government.

Each working day we process more than 1,000 dealings. This includes everything from property transfers, mortgage discharges to subdivisions and new lots. If it happens to a property in South Australia, it will eventually come to our attention in some manner.

This creates an enormous amount of data that we look after, so if you see property data used or quoted somewhere, it likely originated from us.

What we do

We have a specialised team committed to fostering growth in the SA property industry. This team not only developed and manages Property Edge but has also been actively engaged in various other initiatives and projects.

Property Edge is our way of helping South Australian property professionals access, understand and analyse the data. We built the platform with direct input from local users and continue to upgrade based on user requests.

You can learn more about Land Services SA here.

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