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The Real Time Database

See the complete picture with information on every single property in South Australia.

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Easily access data on every property in SA, all 934,000+ of them, not just those that have sold.


It is updated daily, giving you the most up to date information available on South Australia’s property landscape.


This database gives you the present. To look at the past, including all sales activity since 1993, use Property Edge’s Sales Database

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See it in action for yourself:

Explore South Australia’s property landscape like never before as we blend Title and valuation data in the one place.

• See what’s on a property now, not just when it last sold. Other platforms might just show you a vacant block sale 5 years ago, while Property Edge will show that sale along with details of the house that’s since been built.

• Fully understand any area by creating stats that include all properties.

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Always be ahead of the game with daily updates.


• If a land division went through yesterday, information on the newly created properties will be available today.


• Understand zoning, land use and heritage status plus access the unique Potential Rentals filter to highlight absentee owner properties.

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