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Potential Rentals Filter

Uncover all properties identified as 'potential rentals' in your area at the click of a button.

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Understand your area in even more depth by uncovering the properties with absentee owners using the ‘Potential Rentals’ filter in the Real Time Database.


Use this to index your own rent roll coverage and gain insights into high potential rental areas.

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See it in action:

If a residential property is identified to have absentee owners it will invariably be either a rental, a holiday home or Airbnb style property. Use the ‘Potential Rental’ filter to: 


•  Benchmark your own rental portfolio in any given area. 

•  Understand trends in rental property attributes in a specific region (eg site or building size). 

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The percentage of ‘Potential Rentals’ varies widely by region, paired with other Property Edge features it can be a very powerful tool. 


• Adelaide CBD has 1.01%

• Port Elliott has 47.44%

• Murray Bridge has 27.83%

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