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Cut the data your way with advanced and flexible search to get the results you are looking for quickly.

You can search for properties via the interactive map as well as drilling down by filtering results by any of the 30+ search filters.

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See it in action:

Property Edge search filters enable you to define your search by over 30 data points in four key categories:

• Location: search a specific property or radius from a property. Alternatively search an entire LGA, suburb or street.

• Land use and zoning: go broad with residential or commercial zoning, or drill down by one of the 100s of land use codes.

• Sales attributes: select a timeframe, a type of sale or a price range (including stamped value so you don’t get limited by the $0 sales results).

• Property attributes: define the ranges for site area, building area, frontage or even if the property has a heritage status.

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Search using the interactive map for more control and enjoy advanced tools to help you define your results:

Use the ‘target’ button to click on any property and bring up its details (when in the Real Time Database you can do this for every single property in the State, irrespective of whether its ever sold before).

Use the ‘Polygon Search’ button to draw your own search boundary, enabling you to define your search area precisely. Then drill down further by using the search filters.

Enjoy map or satellite view, and choose whether your results are highlighted fully on the map or just outlined.

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