Find and research your next development project. 

Access the information you need with 100% coverage of SA properties, easy map based search and in platform title ordering. 

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Property Edge offers developers an unparalleled resource for identifying and researching ideal development sites in South Australia.
Access data on every SA property, drill down to what you need using 30+ filters and access sales potential with 30+ years of sales history.

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More data – straight from the source

Access data unavailable in other platforms, including coverage of 100% of SA properties.

Full coverage without gaps: the Real Time Database provides daily updates on every SA property, filling in the blanks where other platforms fall short, even including properties with no prior sales history.

Speed up your workflow: no need to jump into other platforms to identify a property or dig up a CT, just click on any property and its full details are at your fingertips.

Historical sales archive: tap into the data behind every completed property sale since 1993.

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Powerful search at your fingertips

Get the results you are looking for with advanced search parameters.

Limitless search: Search an entire street, suburb or town and see your results in both the map and the data rich spreadsheet view.

Zoning and Land Use: drill down by zoning and land use codes to get to the results that you need quickly.

Multiple property features: along with the standard site area and frontage filters, drill down by years since last sale, heritage indicator and even if the property is potentially a rental.

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Interactive map based search

Speed up research using the interactive map

Click on property: access full details, including sales history, of any property simply by clicking on it.

Draw your search boundaries: limit your search to a bespoke area simply by drawing your own search boundaries, then drill down further using the search filters.

See results come to life: understand any area with improved clarity by seeing both the raw data of the search results and the location of the properties in the interactive map.

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Alerts the instant an activity occurs

Alerts empower you to maintain a deep connection with your chosen areas.

Alerts: Activate alerts for any property to receive immediate notifications about significant title activities. Whether it's a development application submission, a new subdivision, rezoning changes, or a title cancelled, you're informed the moment it happens.


Extend your output with these tools:

Click on any property on the map to access its details, so that you can quickly research any property, even without it's address.

Use the Stamped Value to obtain a strong indicator of the actual sale price for withheld ($0) sales.

Set alerts for any property to get immediate notifications of key title activities.

Title ordering made easy: add to cart, checkout, download instantly - including Owner Validation.

Access the most comprehensive sales dataset for data-driven decisions at your fingertips.

Never be limited by geographical boundaries. Search a whole road no matter how long it is.

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