Access more relevant data quicker and easier than ever before with the platform built for valuers by Land Services SA.

Now you can get data on 100% of SA properties, including the ‘stamped value’ of $0 sales prices, using 30+ search filters and the interactive map.

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Get to the data you are looking for quicker than ever and easily export it in a variety of formats.

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Integrated Spreadsheet and Map View

Enjoy the best of both worlds with a data table and map in the same screen.

Interactive map – instantly access any property’s details or draw a search boundary to remove irrelevant results.

Customise views – see only the data that matters and streamline your workflow.

Effortless data export – select specific properties or select all and in two clicks you can download your data in csv format.

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More data – straight from the source

Access data unavailable in other platforms, including 100% coverage of SA properties.

Coverage without gaps – the Real Time Database provides daily updates on every property, filling in the blanks where other platforms fall short.

Historical sales archive – tap into the data behind every completed property sale since 1993.

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Valuation-Specific Data and Tools

Elevate your valuation expertise with unique datasets and functions.

Hidden prices revealed
– uncover the price behind those elusive $0 sales with our unique 'Stamped Value,' reflecting the value on which stamp duty was calculated.

In platform ordering – download Title reports within the platform, eliminating the need to toggle between websites.

Commercial Sales GST – instantly discern whether GST is factored into the sales price, refining the accuracy and efficiency of your commercial property valuations.

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Speed up your workflow with:

Click on any property on the map to access its details, so that you can quickly research any property, even without it's address.

Use the Stamped Value to obtain a strong indicator of the actual sale price for withheld ($0) sales.

Property Edge - real time data

Access data on every property, even those that have never sold before or that were only created yesterday.

Property Edge - Flexible Search

Enjoy the flexibility of over 30 search filters narrowing down hundreds of pieces of data.

Property Edge - draw your search area

Draw your search area directly on the map to narrow the results and avoid sifting through irrelevant data.

Property Edge - with photos and floor plans

Browse recent images and floorplans—understand property style and layout without even visiting.

See some of the key tools within Property Edge
that can help you with your property valuations:

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