Access more relevant data quicker and easier than ever before with the platform built for valuers by Land Services SA.

Now you can get data on 100% of SA properties, including the ‘stamped value’ of $0 sales prices, using 30+ search filters and the interactive map.

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Get to the data you are looking for quicker than ever and easily export it in a variety of formats.

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Integrated Spreadsheet and Map View

Enjoy the best of both worlds with a data table and map in the same screen.

Interactive map – instantly access any property’s details or draw a search boundary to remove irrelevant results.

Customise views – see only the data that matters and streamline your workflow.

Effortless data export – select specific properties or select all and in two clicks you can download your data in csv format.

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More data – straight from the source

Access data unavailable in other platforms, including 100% coverage of SA properties.

Coverage without gaps – the Real Time Database provides daily updates on every property, filling in the blanks where other platforms fall short.

Historical sales archive – tap into the data behind every completed property sale since 1993.

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Valuation-Specific Data and Tools

Elevate your valuation expertise with unique datasets and functions.

Hidden prices revealed
– uncover the price behind those elusive $0 sales with our unique 'Stamped Value,' reflecting the value on which stamp duty was calculated.

In platform ordering – download Title reports within the platform, eliminating the need to toggle between websites.

Commercial Sales GST – instantly discern whether GST is factored into the sales price, refining the accuracy and efficiency of your commercial property valuations.

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Speed up your workflow with:

Click on any property on the map to access its details, so that you can quickly research any property, even without it's address.

Use the Stamped Value to obtain a strong indicator of the actual sale price for withheld ($0) sales.

Property Edge - real time data

Access data on every property, even those that have never sold before or that were only created yesterday.

Property Edge - Flexible Search

Enjoy the flexibility of over 30 search filters narrowing down hundreds of pieces of data.

Property Edge - draw your search area

Draw your search area directly on the map to narrow the results and avoid sifting through irrelevant data.

Property Edge - with photos and floor plans

Browse recent images and floorplans—understand property style and layout without even visiting.

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