Sales Database

Access all 1,500,000+ completed property sales that have taken place in South Australia since 1993 with the Sales Database.

Property Edge is build directly on top of SAILIS, so the source of our sales data is the Title Registry itself.

Access up to 48 different pieces of data on every sale, including the 'Stamped Value,' which is exclusive to Property Edge.

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Be informed with accurate data and no ‘agent reported’ sales, only completed transactions.

• See any property’s sales history, whether it sold last month, 20 years ago or several times in-between. 

• Create mean and median statistics on your filtered results to better understand specific areas and property types. 

• See the ‘stamped value’ to understand the sales price of those pesky $0 or ‘contact agent’ sales prices. 

This database plugs directly into the Title Registry to get the data straight from the source without any user editing. 


• Find comparative sales that match your search criteria to help build an appraisal with confidence. 


• Select the data points you want, including their column order and sorting. Export these results in PDF or CSV format for future use. 

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