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Make well-informed decisions with comprehensive insights into every property in South Australia. 

Manage your property assets accurately and effortlessly, understand the characteristics of your areas, and keep a close watch on developments both within and surrounding your jurisdiction.

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Powerful Search at your fingertips

Get the results you are looking for with the interactive map and powerful search filters.

Twin view: enjoy easy access to the data in the spreadsheet view while the map view provides clarity of result locations.

Interactive Map: instantly access any property’s details on the map or draw a search boundary to remove irrelevant results.

30+ Search Filters: drill down your results by filtering on location, zoning, land use, sales history and property attributes.

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Owner Validation Made Easy

The one report you need to confirm property ownership with confidence.

Direct from registry: an official Land Services report exclusive to Property Edge users.

Owner Name(s) and Address: confirm you are engaging with the rightful property owners.

Instant download: simplify your workflow by ordering this and other title products direct from Property Edge.

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Alerts the instant an activity occurs

Alerts empower you to maintain a deep connection with your areas of interest.

Alerts: Activate alerts for any property to receive immediate notifications about significant title activities. Whether it's a development application submission, a new subdivision, rezoning changes, or a Property Research Report (PRR), you're informed the moment it happens.

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Easy customisation and statistics

Quickly understand a group of properties and only see the data that’s relevant to you.

Customise views: choose the datapoints you want to see and in what order to save you sifting through irrelevant information.

Access statistics: select any group of properties to reveal aggregated statistics including median prices and site areas, accelerating your research.

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More data – straight from the source

Access data unavailable in other platforms, including coverage of 100% of SA properties.

Full coverage without gaps: the Real Time Database provides daily updates on every SA property, filling in the blanks where other platforms fall short, even including properties with no prior sales history.

Speed up your workflow: no need to jump into other platforms to identify a property or dig up a CT, just click on any property and its full details are at your fingertips.

Historical sales archive: tap into the data behind every completed property sale since 1993.

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Extend your output with these tools:

Set alerts for any property to get immediate notifications of key title activities.

Click on any property on the map to access its details, so that you can quickly research any property, even without it's address.

Property Edge - draw your search area

Draw your search area directly on the map to narrow the results and avoid sifting through irrelevant data.

Use the Stamped Value to obtain a strong indicator of the actual sale price for withheld ($0) sales.

GST Flag on Property Edge

Identify whether a property sales price includes GST or if it is GST exclusive.

Access over 30 years of sales data on South Australian properties.

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