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Stamped Value

Access piece of information that's been described as 'game changing.'

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Enjoy clarity on the sales prices other platforms list as $0 or ‘refer to agent.’

The Stamped Value is the sales figure used to calculate stamp duty and so gives a strong indication of the actual sales price.

The Stamped Value dataset is exclusive to Property Edge. No other platform or report contains this piece of data.

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Over 12% of South Australian property transactions are registered as $0 despite a monetary consideration being paid at time of sale. This means:

• Less comparative sales.
• More time-consuming appraisals and valuations.
• Inability to demonstrate unique knowledge to clients.
• Having to call up other agents to try and understand actual sale prices.

The Stamped Value gives you the prices that the general public can not access. This enables you to:

• demonstrate your expertise.
• increase your comparative sales options.

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