Free Trial Access

Free Trial Access

To help property professionals evaluate Property Edge and compare it to their current platforms, we offer a 14-day free trial or a live online demonstration for your whole team.

Please note: you must be attached to a business or institution in the Property Industry to access a free trial.

With the trial you can….

Identify potential rentals in any area - Find properties with absentee owners using the ‘Potential Rentals’ filter.

Get data on 100% of SA properties - Gain easy access to data on every property in SA, including those that are new and unsold.

See behind $0 sales - Uncover the truth behind withheld ($0) sales with 'Stamped Value' feature.

Enjoy more powerful searches - Cut the data your way with advanced and flexible search options to quickly get the results you are looking for.

Quickly build a branded appraisal - Effortlessly craft branded appraisal reports with powerful data and visuals.

Instantly view sales statistics - Quickly see mean and median stats on selected properties.

Check GST inclusion - Easily determine if a commercial sale price includes GST or not using the 'GST Inclusive' data point.

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