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Instantly download the one report you need for an appraisal and agency agreement, all for the price of a coffee.

Effortlessly craft branded appraisal reports with powerful data and visuals

Use the Stamped Value to obtain a strong indicator of the actual sale price for withheld ($0) sales.

30+ search filters plus the interactive map search gives you instant and easy access to the data you’re looking for.

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Key benefits

Here are some of the key features for residential sales agents to take your work to the next level:

Instantly Validate Ownership
Owner Validation Verify a property's owner, address, legal description, and address for notices in just a few clicks, all for less than the cost of your morning latte.
Stamped Value
Owner Validation No more $0 or 'refer to agent' prices with the Stamped Value dataset (the value used to calculate stamp duty). Exclusive to Property Edge.
Sales Appraisal Builder (CMA Report)
Owner Validation Access to a trove of accurate data, including comparable sales and listings, property images and aerial views. Select the properties and data you want and piece together a unique appraisal that's tailored to your agency's brand.
30+ Search Filters
Owner Validation Cut the data your way with over 30 filters to quickly drill down to the results you want. On top of the standard location, sales type and attributes filters, select zoning or land use or even search for potential rental properties.
Property History
Owner Validation Just click on any property to see all settled sales, sales listings and rental listings. This includes the 'Stamped Value' for any sale that has a $0 value.
Real-time Database
Owner Validation Explore the attributes of any property in South Australia, from those subdivided yesterday to those that have never sold.
The most comprehensive dataset of SA properties is at your fingertips to help you make data-led decisions.
Search History
Owner Validation Effortlessly continue any of your 10 most recent searches where you left off.
This way you can deep dive and refine your search without having to start from scratch each time.
Potential Rentals Search Filter
Owner Validation This unique data point can help you to identify properties that are highly likely to be rental properties, so that you can analyse your area in more detail.
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