Ordering Products

There are many easy ways to access the product ordering function within Property Edge.

1. From the results table, tick the check boxes next to properties that you want to order products for. In the green menu bar that appears, click ‘Order Products’.

2. From the results table, click the kebab (3 vertical dots) next to a property address to display a menu. From the menu, click ‘Order Products’.

3. From the map view, click a rendered parcel (blue shaded parcel) to display the properties map pop-up. From the map pop-up, click the ‘Property Details’ button.

4. From the Property Details screen (accessed through the results list kebab, or via a map pop-up), click ‘Order products’ button in the top right corner.

The ‘Product Selection’ screen lists Title and Valuation products made available through Property Edge for purchase. If a selected property has the product available for purchase, you will see that property address listed in the table on the right.


The navigation panel on the left can be used to switch between different product types.

See the Add to Cart support page for guidance on adding products to your Cart to purchase.

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