Real Time Database & Sales Database

Property Edge gives you access to two difference databases (depending on your Subscription Tier) which you can toggle between in the top right corner of the screen.

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The Real-Time Database contains live attribute data on every single property in SA, including things like site area, building area, CT reference and zoning. It is updated daily. This database does not contain any sales information (except referencing  the last sale date) but does contain far more properties than the Sales Database. Eg if a new subdivision was processed yesterday, you’ll find it in the Real-Time Database today.

The Sales Database (available only to Premium subscribers) contains information on every single sale for the last 30 years, including sale dates, sales price, vendor and purchaser (for commercial transactions), GST flag. A single property might have several listings in this database, one for each time it sold. It also includes some property attributes (eg site and building area), as accurate on that sale date.

Sales and real time database

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