Alerts are a powerful way of staying connected deeply connected to an area, to protect client properties and monitor the assets you have a direct interest in.

Please note that Property Edge Alerts can only be set up, changed or cancelled from within Property Edge. If you cancel your Property Edge subscription, your alerts will continue to operate until their individual subscriptions run out.

Setting up an alert

  1. Find the property (or properties) you wish to subscribe to. This can be done in a variety of ways, including using the QuickFind individual property search, using filters, clicking a property on the map or by drawing your own search boundary.

  2. If in the main spreadsheet view, select the checkbox next to the property (or properties). A button named ‘Order Products’ will appear.

  3. Click the ‘Order Products’ button.

  4. This is the order page. Select the product on the left hand side, and confirm the property you want to order that product on.

  5. Click ‘Add to Cart’

  6. Click the shopping cart button (top right of screen) to view cart and checkout.

  7. Before purchase you:

    1. can add a reference number (eg client name)

    2. must add an email address to receive the alerts

    3. can add a mobile number to also receive SMS alerts

    4. must select whether to auto renew after 12 months.

  8. Hit confirm order and your alert is set.

Reviewing Alert Subscriptions

All your existing alerts can be reviewed through the ‘Order History’ menu at the top of the screen.

Select ‘Alerts’ and all active are shown (click the ‘Inactive’ tab to see alerts that are no longer active). You can search by a specific address or sort the view by clicking on the title of any of the columns.

Description of triggers: 

LGA development approval submitted
Property Managers can contact their landlord client to understand what development plans might affect a tenant or the rentability of the property.

Title rezoned
Developers will instantly have different options for site use and agents can connect with their developer clients to help plan next steps.

Subdivision plan lodged
Property Managers and agents can see that a client’s subdivision has been successfully processed and that the client can progress to the next phase of their plans. Managers can understand that a landlord has specific plans for their rental.

Title cancelled
Indicates that a subdivision may be completed (i.e. the cancelled Certificate of Title has been turned into multiple new Certificates of Title). Developers and their agents instantly know that the next phase of the project can begin.

Property Research Report / Title Valuation Packaged ordered
As above, this indicates the property is potentially on the verge of sale or transfer, useful for Property Managers who might not be informed by landlord clients of sale plans.

Property Interest Report / Form 1 ordered
Indicates the property is potentially on the verge of sale or transfer, useful for Property Managers who might not be informed by landlord clients of these sale plans.

New site & capital values
On July 1 each year, new valuations are released by the State and this alert provides instant notification of the new values. Very useful for client engagement, providing a positive reason to contact clients and provide them with their updated property capital valuation. For example, an increase in the capital value of the property may open up additional refinance or development options to the client.

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