Viewing Statistics

It’s often useful to be able to see the aggregated stats of a range of properties, eg the average site size on one side of a street or median sales price of properties with specific criteria. 

This is easily achieved by the following:

1. In the table view from the Sales database, select the properties to be included by clicking the checkbox to the left of the address or to multiselect a batch, click the first one and shift click the last one which will cause them all to be selected.

2. Click the kebab button (3 vertical dots) from the results table header, then select ‘View Statistics’. 

This will show you:
✔ Number of properties or sales selected
✔ Average price per m2 of the site area and the building area
✔ Minimum, maximum, median and mean:
     •  Sales Price
     •  Site Size
     •  Building Size

You can choose to download these statistics as a pdf by clicking ‘Download as PDF’.

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