Webinar: Analyse the past, navigate the present, and be guided to the future

In April 2024, Rob Turnbull from Land Services SA presented a webinar demonstrating how instant Title Alerts, now integrated into Property Edge, will give you the edge and help you go from reactive to proactive.

Amongst other things, you’ll see the enhancements we’ve made to help agents go from good to great. These included:

Alerts: see into any property’s future. Add an alert to a property and be notified the instant specific activity occurs on the Title. This includes development approval submission, subdivision and DA completed, rezoning or PRR ordered.

•  Updated appraisal builder: fully reimagined CMA based on industry feedback to help you stand out from the crowd. You asked, we listened.

•  Quickfind: simply type in an address to access full insights on any property, start and appraisal, verify ownership and download Title products.

•  Suburb Sales Report: quickly create a report containing past sales and photos of a specific property types in a suburb.

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