Property Research for Non Metro & Country Real Estate [Webinar Recording]

In February 2024 we held a live webinar focusing on property research for country and non-metro real estate agents. It was designed to empower agents with workflows to streamline research and increase the quality of the resulting data, ensuring you can better navigate through property research and appraisal.

See the video and topic summary below:

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How to Find Properties Using Property Edge

1. Property Address Search: Ideal for when you have the exact address. Simply enter the property address into the search bar to access all information instantly.

2. Using Title or Valuation Number: For when the address is unknown or you’re looking for a specific parcel, input the title or valuation number for a direct search,

3. Area or Radius Search: Perfect for a broader search of a specific area or when the exact address is uncertain. Use the map tool to draw a search area or set a radius distance from a known point, capturing all properties within.

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Using the Two Databases for Better Research

Real-time Database:
• Access current data (updated daily) on any property, regardless of sales history.

• Click on 'property details' for the fulla sales history and more detailed data.

Sales Database:
• For accessing all historical sales data, including off market sales, on any property.

• Essential for understanding market trends and property valuation over time.

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In Platform Ordering

• Check the box next to your property (or properties) of interest and the ‘Order Products’ button will appear.

• Select from a range of the most popular products, all available at the same price as from within SAILIS.

• Access the exclusive Owner Validation Product

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Generating Accurate Sales Appraisals

• Navigate to the appraisal section using the Appraisals button on the top menu, or select ‘Create an Appraisal’ when reviewing an individual property.

• Select the pages and information to be shown on each page (use the on/off toggle at the top right of each section).

• Go deep in selecting appropriate comparable sales using advanced search. Add comments and reorder as desired.

• Provide your own narrative in the final section.

• Export to PDF.

note that the appraisal builder will be upgraded in April 2025

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Identifying Absentee Owners

• Use the ‘potential rental’ filter to target properties with potential investment or rental opportunities.

• This feature is ideal for agents focusing on absentee-owned properties, providing insights for strategic planning.

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Property Edge is an invaluable resource for country and non-metro real estate agents. By following this guide, you’ll be able to efficiently find properties, access a wealth of data, generate detailed appraisals, and identify key investment opportunities. Harness the full potential of Property Edge to streamline your workflows and enhance your market analysis.

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