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An update will be released on Monday 8th April with a number of exciting changes including the ability to set Title Alerts and an updated appraisal builder. Sign up here to experience these changes with a free trial starting 8th April.

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Powerful Search

Quickly find what you are looking for and avoid sorting through irrelevant results.

Click on Map –Instantly access property details by clicking directly on the map.

Custom Search Area – Draw your search boundaries on the map for focused, area-specific results.

30+ Search Filters – Refine your search with over 30 detailed filters, including location, property type, zoning, sales and property attributes.

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Extensive Data

Access a wealth of property information direct from the Land Services SA servers.

Real-Time Database– Updated daily, providing information on all SA properties, including new and unsold properties.

Sales Database –Detailed history of all completed property sales in SA for the last 30 years.

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Unique Data Points

Access premium datapoints unavailable in any other platform.

Uncover Hidden Prices
– Access the price on which stamp duty is calculated to revel the potential sales price of any property (no more $0 sales).

Enhance Valuation Accuracy –Use these stamped value prices for a more accurate appraisal and open up more comparative sales in your CMA.

Heatmap potential rentals –uncover absentee owner properties in your area to understand your rent roll coverage and refine your outreach activities.

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In-Platform Ordering

Streamline your workflow with the convenience of ordering title products directly within the platform.

Seamless Product Ordering– Easily order and download a range of title products without leaving the Property Edge platform.

Unique Owner Validation Report –Only available in Property Edge, this contains all the data needed to commence an appraisal and complete an agency agreement.


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Sales Statistics

Unlock in-depth insights with instant access to comprehensive sales statistics for any group of properties.

Mean and Median Stats
– Quickly view average and median sales prices, site area, and building area.

Area-Specific Analysis –Tailor statistics to specific streets, suburbs, or a selected list of properties.

Enhanced Market Understanding –Gain a deeper understanding of the market with summarized statistics that inform and empower​​.

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Images & Floorplans

Visualize properties with detailed images and floorplans at your fingertips.

High-Resolution Images– Access clear, detailed visual representations of properties.

Comprehensive Floorplans –Understand the layout and features of properties through detailed floorplans.

Contextual Property Overview –Get a more complete picture of a property beyond basic data points​​.

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Appraisal Builder & Comparative Sales

Streamline your processes with the user-friendly, customizable appraisal builder for every property in SA.

Customizable Reports
– Create sales or rental appraisals tailored to your specific needs.

High-Res Aerial Shots –Include aerial views for a comprehensive perspective.

White-Label Branding –Personalize appraisals with your agency's logo for a professional touch.

Unique Data Inclusion –Integrate the usual property details and sales/rental history as well as unique data like stamped value.

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